Are there any additional cost?
Every cost is clear - Pay only per waypoint when a platform is used. 
No integration or subscriptions fee. No annual payment plans. No monthly payments per vehicle. 
We charge on top fee for text messages sent through the platform - depending on country.

What support can I receive?
Technical onboarding and ongoing support is included, along with a phone/email support from our Customer Success Team.

Why don't you have annual contracts?
‘Pay-as-you-use’ model is at the core of our business. Our Clients are free to decide when it is convenient to use OnGo Fleet product. So, we prefer to offer a platform that customers love and want to continue using, rather than forcing them into multi-year contracts.

Can I sign a long-term agreement?
Yes, some customers prefer a multi-year agreement for predictability in terms of price and functionality.



How much does same-day delivery cost?
If you are small retailer with a small volume, our same day delivery rates are less that what you are paying to DHL/DPD/UPS/NZPost/NovaPosha or KAZPost for slow deliveries. 
If you are a large retailer or an enterprise customer, please contact us to get our preferred rate based on your specific requirements. 
We have a transparent fixed cost per delivery point without any additional fees or complicated formulas.  

Do you support multiple pick-up points for a single merchant?
Yes, we support multiple pick-ups and as many drop-offs as required.

How late does VanOnGo deliver?
It depends on the region, but our usual operational hours are 8:00 am – 10:00 pm.

Can you deliver perishable food?
Yes, as we offer fast delivery; we can deliver food like fish or meat within a few hours. At the same time food should be packed accordingly.  

Can you deliver urgent or oversized items? 
Absolutely, VanOnGo opens a world of possibilities regarding hard-to-ship items. 

Can you deliver across the country? 
At the moment we only support deliveries across a city and the area around it. We do not support transportation across the country, although we are working on it. 

Can you provide assistance with the loading and unloading of goods without transportation? 
No, we are a first and last mile transportation company primarily and provide additional services during delivery - but we do not provide these services without transportation. 

Can you deliver one small parcel or documents? 
If this is a one-time delivery, usually it will be cheaper to order a ride-hailing company or a courier who will delivery with a bike or scooter. 

Who is responsible for transportation? 
VanOnGo is completely in-charge of the goods that are being transported. We also encourage our Clients to ensure proper packing of the goods to be delivered.  

Do you provide insurance? 
We can provide certain types of insurance on the items to be transported. This is to be discussed with our business customer service team. 

What items can be transported? 
By placing an order with VanOnGo, you hereby confirm that you have possession of the goods to be transported. 
Items transported via VanOnGo must comply with all local laws and regulations, as well as with VanOnGo policies. Sending illegal, dangerous, or other prohibited items is strictly prohibited.  
Violations may be reported to authorities. 

What is the price for service? 
For all business customers, we offer a fixed rate for same-day or pre-scheduled delivery. The price depends on the weight (3 classes) and service level requested (Express, Same-day, Specific time window, or next-day), but not on distance traveled or time spent.