No Limits

We are not just respect your right to grow and possibility to fail but encourage you to do that and go beyond your personal limits.

You take active part in building an innovative business, acting and thinking like an owner.

Dream Team

Our Values

We believe our team is a valuable key asset, so we strive for long-term relationships and respect every teammate, regardless of race, gender, opinions or other differences. We nourish a transparent, connected, and informed workplace culture that fosters personal and collective success​.


As a team we use our superpower for joint work despite any borders, in order to surprise clients with perfect service and our partners with successful collaboration.

We believe that diversity makes us stronger and unique. We provide equal opportunities and mutual respect for all team members.



We always think and act as business owners. We understand and take responsibility for our actions – providing the company with development and success.

Our team strives to innovate in all processes, boosting growth and efficiency. We enjoy measured risks.

Game changing

Data culture

Data is the new gold. We make bold decisions based on data in all areas of our company.

Key metrics

Key Metrics

At the heart of our company's success lies a simple but powerful philosophy: people first. We've taken our consumer-centric approach and extended it to our incredible team, making sure every member feels valued, supported, and part of a close-knit family.

Our dedication to this people-centric approach has yielded remarkable results on key metrics.

We believe that when you put people at the center of your mission, success follows naturally. Our team isn't just a workforce; they're our driving force, and together, we're achieving incredible heights. 

Meet The Team


I love yoga and cycling. I am able to practice yoga in various locations, whether it be at a studio, at home, while on vacation at a hotel, in nature, or even in the rooftop parking lot of a mall. :) Until that moment, I considered myself a shy person, but I realized that when you do what you love and in the company of like-minded people, the boundaries expand. I can do some handstand asanas.
On a bike, I prefer cross-country at an amateur level.
I like swimming in the sea. In general, I am fond of sea, mountains, and, in principle, nature in all its manifestations.
In free time I like to play board games with friends or to watch TV series. My favorite genre of TV series, films and books is sci-fi. My favorite book is "Nine Tomorrows" by Isaac Asimov.
I don’t like to maintain pages on social networks and take care of houseplants. Despite the last fact, it so happened that I have houseplants, and I try to do my best to keep them alive."

About work in VanOnGo:
It's delightful to be part of a team united by shared goals, where each member strives to achieve them. At VanOnGo, your voice will always be valued, and you can count on assistance and support.

ꟷ Viktoriia Sentishcheva, Data Analyst


Born and raised in Romania, my parents German and Hungarian, moved to Germany at age 9. At the age of 16 I spent one year in the USA and have been there many more times for business and holiday, Traveling the world to increase my knowledge, as well as cultural expertise has been quite a passion.

My business career has always been in sales and management roles. Mostly I help rather small providers of new technology to enter new markets or scale from an entry level.

VanOnGo is a great company with dedicated people who have created a unique solution for global challenges in the delivery industry. There are no doubts that we will succeed in scaling globally and I am happy to be able to contribute to this success story.

Apart from work and family, I love to do sports, football (team sports) being my biggest passion. I could play every day and talk 24/7 about „The Beautiful Game“ ;-)

ꟷ Eduard Krämer, Senior Director Biz Dev - US and Germany


I was born and grew up in Odessa. Math is the love of my life! My parents are also mathematicians, so I was growing up in a “mathematical atmosphere”. And for the last few years I have been working as a Software Engineer in the VanOnGo.

About work in VanOnGo:
Working here is about working with a fantastic team, inspiring individuals, mutual assistance, continuous development and professional growth.

ꟷ Daria Sokolovska, Software Engineer

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